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Nebula Music

Music is an integral part of Church of Nebula because musical experience has always been a part of emotional and spiritual evolution of man. It is a form of art that stimulates human faculties to relish an emotional or spiritual experience and thereby realize the higher forms of beauty and divinity that exists in the universe. A large body of musical compositions from various regions of the world and culture bequeathed to us through tradition have been found to be intimately linked with religion that have facilitated religious and ritual activities. To us they are the treasure troves of antiquity helping us to delve into the richness of human creativity.

Traditionally, music has been encouraged by the elites of our society as a finer and eclectic mode of entertainment. With their efforts, today, we have with us a repertoire of this performing arts in forms of folk, classical, devotional and modern music.
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Om Nama Shivaya Mantra

This mantra has been an essential chant in Sanatana dharma for over three thousand years.

The chant begins with the most sacred syllable symbol Om—the initial sound from which the vibration that generates the perceived universe has started. Following the Om, the five-syllable mantra Panchakshara is chanted to praise the universal oneness of Shiva and the five elements Na Ma Śi Vā Ya, representing earth, water, fire, Pranic air, and sky respectively.

The overall meaning is that 'universal consciousness is one'.

Nebula Ritual Music

Planet Drum

Planet Drum is a world music album by Mickey Hart, a musician and musicologist, who was a member of the rock band the Grateful Dead. Hart's concept for Planet Drum was to play drum music with percussionists from around the world, and incorporate their different musical styles and traditions into a new global sound.

Hart has collaborated with astrophysicists to create music reflecting the origins of the universe.

Sadeness Part 1

MCMXC a.D. is the debut studio album by the German musical project Enigma. The album centers around the personal conflict of sexuality vs. religion, and heightens to an even greater, more extensive theme of personal beliefs.

The Sadeness (Part I) music itself is filled with Gregorian chants that symbolize the religious aspects and Sandra Cretu’s breathy French vocals hint at the erotic overtones of the theme.
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Nebula Chants

Divine music and mantra chants created in our church.
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Express Yourself Through Music

At the Church of Nebula we encourage you to regale and wallow in the musical strings that appeal to you the most and rediscover the God, or awaken the highest form of beauty and creativity that could be lying dormant within you.
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