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Who We Are

Church of Nebula was founded by Haja Mo in 2022. The modern scientific spiritual guidance for the Gen Z.

Haja Mo is a Distinguished Engineer who has been and continues to be passionate about technology. And, as any discerning master, he too realizes that technology cannot grow as an isolated phenomenon. At a time when technological advancement has begun to take an alarming proportion portending to challenge human intellect in the far future, the need for a change is just not necessary, it is inevitable. To adopt to this evolutionary change, the disillusioned young generations of our society have to grapple with the transitional phase.

The Church of Nebula was conceived to be the way of life that promises the Millennials and the post-Millennial generation a higher state of consciousness and a better understanding of life in this universe.
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The Changing Outlook Of The Millennials

A survey on American life shows that the younger generations are moving away from organized religion and religious practices. According to Survey Centre on American Life, “Generation Z is the least religious generation yet.

More than one-third (34 percent) of Generation Z are religiously unaffiliated, a significantly larger proportion than among Millennials (29 percent) and Generation X (25 percent)”. But Pew Research Center analysis of Census Bureau data reveals that post-Millennial generation is the most racially and ethnically diverse. Also, they have been found to show more interest in education than their previous generations.

With our society being woven into a new fabric, we can hardly expect the Y and Z generations to be stuck in the same repetitive matrix of thoughts as the previous generations. The Y and Z generations live in a space where they are constantly bombarded by new information and processing those information can be as precarious as shrinking the difference between their real world and virtual.
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The Need For New Knowledge

In the previous generations, each culture preserved a set of religious belief systems along with social ethics and spiritual moralities which served as the inner compass of mind to guide individuals to evolve and find solutions to problems. Today’s generation, living amidst a complex digital world growing at an amazing speed, needs to reconstruct another world of reality burgeoned by sheer creativity of human intelligence.

Rejection of relics of knowledge of the past is likely to happen if the body of knowledge, as seen by the British scientist David Deutsch, stands as a means for justifying some prevailing belief or for endorsing an idea to engender certain feeling or social status. He points out that human brain and DNA molecules can store huge information, but such information can be called knowledge only if it comes into existence “through the error-correcting processes of evolution or thought”.

Today, it is our responsibility to create an atmosphere where knowledge is constantly discovered and tried, instead of accepting the established truths.
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Quantum Living

At Church of Nebula we celebrate Life and encourage quantum living. We believe that life becomes full of possibilities when we let the Cosmic light shine through us. Those effulgent stars in the night sky are not too distant if we want to reach for them, their power not too overwhelming if we can sync with them.

We can realize the inherent potential of life by understanding the principal laws that govern the Universe. They are the physical and spiritual laws that hold dominion over the infinite consciousness or the Cosmic Mind, beyond human perception of time and space. Guided by the Hermetic philosophy of Ancient Greece and Egypt, we have adopted techniques and ways to become the microcosm of the vast Cosmic Mind.
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Positive Energy

We are a movement for living life consciously and with complete awareness. With every good thought we hold and the good act we undertake, we create unique impressions of positive energy and keep multiplying them.

We respect every religion in this world that heals a grieving soul and calms a restless mind. We open our doors to all who wish to walk the path of benevolence, nurture all-encompassing love, good will and forgiveness in order to break free from all limitations of human mind. Our spiritual progress can happen when we understand the limiting factors of our own level of consciousness and try to transcend it consciously.

At Nebula Church, creative thoughts and constructive growth of life in harmony with laws of the Universe is the way of life.
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What Does The Nebula Logo Mean?

The logo represents the star in the sky. It is pretty simple.
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What is Nebula?

A nebula is a giant cloud of dust and gas in space. Watch it here.