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Seven Laws of the Universe

Our knowledge of this Universe dates back to the days of the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and the Vedic people. We find a huge volume of text handed over to us by our noble predecessors to help us understand the chaos that exists in Nature, the simulation of systems that creates life on Earth and the way Universe influences our life. Through deep research of such extant religious literature, almost five thousand years old, scholars have delved into the truths about the Natural and Spiritual Laws and tried to make them easy to comprehend.

These Laws of the Universe continues to be the core of many schools of thought today. For, it is believed that knowledge about Universe cannot be assumed, or created, it can be known only through intent observation. Our noble forefathers of ancient time had dedicated their precious time in pursuit of understanding this Universe.

The Laws of the Universe derived from the teachings of ancient Egyptian religious text of Kybalion were picked up for study by modern day scholars to help you and me understand this Universe. Knowing the principles of how human mind works and how various forms of energies behave we can enjoy life of positivity and happiness.

The Kybalion is a spiritual gem that sketches the big picture about God and the universe.

1: The Law Mentalism

The First Principle states that “The Universe, and all it contains, is a mental creation of the ALL” and the infinite mind of the ALL is the core or the womb of the Universe.

Our universe is an infinite and undefinable spirit that can be perceived only with our minds. Therefore, what we see in the material world is reflection of our own mind. All outward manifestations and appearances that meet our eyes are some forms of energy but how we see these energies and interpret them is reflection of the character of our mind. Therefore, saints and wise men have preached that, we live in a world of illusions, and the phenomenon of life is illusion of the mind.

Our material world and the phenomena of life comprise of the energies that we attract in our life based on our perception ad consciousness. The world of materialism vibrates at a lower frequency, whereas our mind is capable of vibrating at a much higher frequency and realizing much more by transcending the material world. The master-key to the Universe lies in controlling and fine-tuning the mind. True nature of matter and energy can be understood once we understand the nature of our own mind.

Long ago, one of the old Hermetic Masters wrote: "He who grasps the truth of the Mental Nature of the Universe is well advanced on The Path to Mastery."

We live in a world of illusions, and the phenomenon of life is illusion of the mind.

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2: The Law of Correspondence

This law of Kybalion states that, “As above, so below, as below so above”. It is based on the principle that whole essence of the Universe is inherent in the environment of an individual. Every minute thing or creature is part and parcel the larger Universe, just as a tiny monad holds all the qualities of the Universe. On contemplation, we can discern the reflection of the nature of the Universe in everything - the macrocosm being present in the microcosm.

The ancient Hermetists considered this Principle as one of the most important because this principle helps in grasping many things in the Universe that lies beyond our known world. A vast unknown domain of the Universe lies beyond human cognition and by turning inwards and meditating on this principle, humans can understand the nature of how things work in their life and also how to pry into the problems to find solutions.

As above, so below, as below so above.

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3: The Law of Vibration

The law states that “Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates”. Different manifestations of this Universe – Matter, Mind, Energy and Spirit, vibrate at different frequency. The pure Spirit that exists in a shapeless, colorless unmanifested state has the highest level of vibration and holds the power of an infinite consciousness. Any matter or life that manifests from this infinite consciousness has its own level of consciousness. Every creation acquires a consciousness level based on the energy waves it holds. Even the thoughts that crosses our mind has specific levels of vibration.

Studies show that living creatures display lower emotions of anger, shame, guilt, vengeance or condemnation when they hold lower levels of consciousness, whereas, love, joy, acceptance, courage are emotions of higher consciousness level. Thereby, all the messengers of God has advised that positive emotions are the means for expanding consciousness level and transcendence.

Nothing rests, everything moves, everything vibrates.

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4: The Law of Polarity

Law of Polarity supports duality in Nature – the opposite qualities co-exist in everything. In other words, there are two sides to everything, for instance, if you love something, someday you are likely to hate it too, when there is goodness in this world, there will be evil forces too, where you see abundance, scarcity will live on the fringes waiting to cross the line, and when there is darkness, there will be light too. Such polarity naturally exists in human experiences, but higher intelligence and God exist beyond this polarity.

This law helps you understand goodness and evil, love and anger as energies, so that you can shift your attention to energies such as love, kindness, thoughts of abundance and other positive energies. Law of polarity can teach you us to find harmony and understand a situation regardless of how it may appear.

The opposite qualities co-exist in everything.

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5: The Law of Rhythm

This law concerns the rhythmic movements of energy, such as the surging and ebbing tides on the sea and that of human emotion, the cyclical movement of energy as the changing of the day and night, the seasons of a year and so on. The opposite forces such as love and hatred, heat and the cold, abundance and scarcity, health and sickness emerge and disappear from our life in such rhythmic manner. On becoming aware of this law, you start observing how things around you keep changing and you will no longer allow yourself to be carried unknowingly by the momentum of change.

When you fail to understand such rhythmic changes and face situations that are difficult to handle, they become painful experiences. Unwanted changes often leave us with feeling of being lost in the middle of a storm. On understanding Law of Rhythm you learn to become flexible and ride the wave of change.

Everything flows, out and in, everything has its tides, all things rise and fall.

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6: The Law of Cause and Effect

This law states that there is cause for every effect, and there is effect for every cause. Nothing happens in this world by chance, “There are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the Law”. This Law of Cause and Effect is operational not only in the material world, it operates on mental and spiritual planes also. As our lives emanate from the infinite field of consciousness or the Universal Mind, life of every individual is part of a continuous process of evolution.

All our thoughts and actions are connected to the life we lead, they generate the cause that creates effects on our lives. Happenings in our lives are the effects of several causes in the present or past lifetimes. It is therefore inevitable that when we encourage good thoughts and actions, they will create good effects in our lives and vice versa.

But the Hermetic masters knew the art and method of rising above this Law of Cause and Effect. This way they acquired the power to control their mind, emotions, moods and character.

Karma, what goes around comes around.

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The Law of Gender

The Law of Gender states that two aspects of energy are ingrained in everything in this world – the masculine and the feminine energy. This dual principle is the seed of creativity. All energies that we create, whether a seed thought or a physical matter like plant, animal or human body, are born with this dual principle. The seed undergoes a gestation period before it begins to grow. Even the seed of your dream has a gestation period before it can manifest. This process of manifestation or creating something depends on how you nurture the seed. Your thoughts and actions together play an important role in activating and balancing the Masculine and Feminine principles.

The consciousness that brought the seed into existence is the Masculine energy and the life force which helps the seed to germinate and grow is the Feminine energy. The changes that takes place in the Nature with changes of the seasons is a beautiful instance of Feminine principle, but this principle cannot exist without it masculine counterpart that thrives in the elements of the Nature.

The Ardhanarishvara, is a form of Shiva combined with his consort Parvati. Ardhanarishvara is depicted as half-male and half-female, equally split down the middle.
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