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Staffs And Ministers

Ministers are spiritual leaders of our faith communities. They help us explore life’s questions, challenge us to live out our values, and comfort us in times of suffering. Ministers teach, preach, listen and learn by leading congregations, serving as chaplains, and working for justice in the community.

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Haja Mo
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Senior Minister

Vimal Sreekanth
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Josh Beck
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Eugene Chetty
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Catherine Joseph
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Membership and Congregations

Roy Ranjan
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Supernova Yoga Workshop Instructor

Ken Rodricks
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Management and Administration

Radha Krishna

Welcome Letter From Haja Mo

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Dear Nebulan,

Welcome home! If you have made your way to the Church of Nebula, whether to find an answer to your problem or maybe just circumstantially, you will return only happy and graceful. We embrace everyone, who comes to our doorstep, with compassion and love.

Here, you will meet a diverse and dynamic community of the Church of Nebula comprising individuals who are encouraged to reach their highest glory by identifying their own spiritual and material characteristics.

We sustain such diversity among members of the Nebula house by nurturing a consciousness that brings courage to rise, humility to accept short-comings, patience to walk the difficult path to the goal and compassion to befriend everyone whom they meet on their journey.

Let us light a candle to dispel the darkness, encourage love and positive vibes to drive out hatred or shame, and think of solutions to problems. Let us remain undeterred on achieving the highest good. Join us at the Church grounds and seek ways to reinvent yourself.

With unconditional love,

Haja Mo
Founder and Senior Minister

Church of Nebula, 555, Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10022, USA