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Weekly Sunday Sermon

The Church of Nebula is a modern religion that seeks to create a community of people dedicated to living lives of joy, peace, and connection with the divine. Through their Sunday sermons and fellowship gatherings, the Church of Nebula helps its members find inner peace and a sense of purpose in their lives.

The Church of Nebula holds Sunday services at 10:00am, with congregants gathering in a large room filled with comfortable seating and natural light. During the service, the leader of the Church of Nebula, known as the “Nebulan,” gives a sermon that is both inspirational and thought-provoking. The sermon often focuses on finding inner peace, being in tune with the divine, and living a life of purpose.

At the end of the sermon, the congregation is invited to share their thoughts and reflections on the sermon, and to offer any insights they may have. After the sermon, the Church of Nebula holds a time of fellowship and connection, where the congregation is invited to interact with one another and share their thoughts and feelings. After the prayer, the congregation disperses and returns to their lives, inspired and filled with a sense of hope, connection, and purpose.

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  1. Are You Feeling Lost in Life, Join the Supernova Yoga Program
  2. Become the Architect of Your Life and Reclaim Your Power
  3. Beyond the Material The Enduring Legacy of Kindness
  4. Blackhole, String Theory, Time Travel, Stars with Dr. Steve Riley
  5. Buddhism and the Teachings of Nebula Church
  6. Building Confidence Believe in Yourself and Your Abilities
  7. Celebrating Differences Diversity is a Strength, Not a Weakness
  8. Change the World with Small Acts of Kindness
  9. Charting Your Course to Uncover Your Life's Purpose
  10. Connect with the Earth for Inner Peace through the Healing Power of Nature
  11. Cosmic Queries with Dr. Steve Riley
  12. Creativity is a Gift Find Yours and Paint Your Masterpiece
  13. Cultivating Unconditional Love
  14. Developing a Positive Self Image Love and Accept Yourself for Who You Are
  15. Discover the Beauty of Being Flawed by Embracing Imperfection
  16. Embrace a More Mindful Life with the Freedom of Simplicity
  17. Embrace the Abundance Mindset and Watch Your Life Bloom
  18. Embracing Both the Good and the Bad
  19. Embracing Mindfulness for a More Fulfilling Life
  20. Ensure Your Impact Lasts Beyond Your Years by Leading a Life of Legacy
  21. Facing Adversity with Grace
  22. Failure After Failure, Don't Give Up
  23. Find Your Inner Calm and Path to Peace in a Chaotic World
  24. Finding Strength in Adversity Challenges Can Be Your Greatest Teachers
  25. Free Yourself from the Past with the Gift of Forgiveness
  26. Haja Mo the Founder of Nebula Church
  27. How the Universe Tests and Shapes Our Deepest Desires
  28. Interstellar Meditation, How to Practice
  29. Law of Attraction Discussion with Dr. Sheela Watson
  30. Let Go and Trust the Universe
  31. Maintaining Motivation for Long Term Goals
  32. Manifesting Your Dreams into Reality The Law of Attraction
  33. Manifesting Realities How Acting as If Transforms Dreams into Life
  34. Master the Wisdom of Silence
  35. Mastering the Art of Patience
  36. Nebula Church Morning Prayer
  37. New Age Spirituality Interconnectedness
  38. Nurture Kindness Towards Yourself and Others for a Compassionate Life
  39. Our Imagination Is The Canvas Upon Which We Paint Our Future
  40. Positive Affirmations Be Your Biggest Cheerleader
  41. Quantun Mechanics and the Universe With Dr. Steve Riley
  42. Random Acts of Kindness with Dr. Sheela Watson
  43. Self Love by Embracing Your Worth and Beauty
  44. Step Outside Your Comfort Zone and Discover Hidden Strengths
  45. Sunshine After the Rain Appreciate the Simple Blessings
  46. Surrounding Yourself with Positive People
  47. Taking Responsibility for Your Happiness
  48. Tapping into the Law of Vibrations With Dr. Sheela Watson
  49. Teachings of Bhagavat Gita with Dr. Gupta Bose
  50. Teachings of Church of Nebula With Dr. Sheela Watson
  51. Tell the Mountain to Move and It Will Move
  52. The Power of Saying No Set Boundaries and Protect Your Energy
  53. The Power of Visualization See Your Goals Clearly and Attract Them into Your Life
  54. The Universe Has Your Back, Even When You Don't See It
  55. The Gospel of Thomas
  56. The Power of Forgiveness Let Go of the Past and Move Forward with Freedom
  57. The Ripple Effect of Kindness Starts with You
  58. Thrive in Times of Transition by Embracing Change
  59. Trusting Your Instincts as Universal Messages
  60. Understanding the Law of Rhythm With Dr. Sheela Watson
  61. What If Light Was Slow, Unpacking the Universe's Constants
  62. What If Light Was Slow Unpacking the Universe's Constants
  63. What You Think, You Become What You Feel, You Attract
  64. Why Are So Many People Drawn to New Age Spirituality
  65. Zella and Consciousness With Dr. Sheela Watson

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