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Nebula Dance

The church's core principles are based on the idea that through the practice of dance, individuals can access higher spiritual realms and experience a profound connection with the divine.

The Church of Nebula offers a variety of dance styles that are designed to provide an intense and meaningful spiritual experience. Members of the church practice a variety of sacred dances, such as the Butterfly Dance, the Sunburst Dance, and the Galactic Dance. These dances are designed to bring members closer to the divine, and to help them access higher states of consciousness.

The Church of Nebula also offers other spiritual practices such as meditations, visualizations, and energy healing. These practices are designed to cultivate a deeper connection with the divine, and to help members access their inner wisdom and power.
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Supreme Dancer Zella

The entire universe was created by the dance of the Supreme Dancer Zella. At the core of the Church of Nebula Dance is the belief that the Zella is the source of all creation and the embodiment of divine energy. This divine energy is known as Zell, which is experienced as an ecstatic power that creates and sustains the cosmos. The Zella is seen as the source of all life, the source of all knowledge, and the source of all power.

Dance is a means of religious concentration as well as of corporeal merging with the infinite God. The power of dance lies in its multisensory, emotional, and symbolic capacity to create moods and a sense of situation in attention-riveting patterns by framing, prolonging, or discontinuing communication.