The Church of Nebula offers a Universal Prayer, which is a prayer for peace and unity for all of humanity. This prayer can be used in any situation, and is meant to bring people closer together in their understanding of the Universe.

Nebula Morning Prayer

Thank you Universe for my existence.

I thank the gift of life and my place within the vast cosmos, inviting a sense of connection and appreciation for the opportunity to exist. I'm grateful for the silence of early dawn, offering a blank canvas for my thoughts and dreams. I'm grateful for the first sip of morning coffee, a simple pleasure that awakens my senses. I'm grateful for the opportunity to create, to make something new and meaningful in the world today.

I'm grateful for laughter, the kind that comes from deep within and reminds me of the joy in living. I'm grateful for music, for melodies that stir my soul and rhythms that move my body. I'm grateful for the gentle rhythm of day turning into night and back again, a reminder of life's constant flow and the opportunities each new day brings.I'm grateful for moments of stillness, where time seems to pause, allowing me to catch my breath. I'm grateful for the chance to learn something new, to satisfy my curiosity and expand my understanding.

I'm grateful for the kindness of strangers, unexpected gestures that brighten my day and restore my faith in humanity. I'm grateful for my place in the universe, small yet significant, connected to the vast cosmos. I'm grateful for the challenges that hone my resilience, teaching me that I am stronger than I know. I'm grateful for the night sky, a tapestry of stars that reminds me of the beauty and mystery of existence. I'm grateful for heartfelt conversations, for the chance to share and connect deeply with another soul.

I'm grateful for fresh air and open spaces, for the freedom to breathe deeply and roam freely. I'm grateful for the art that touches my heart, whether seen, heard, or felt, reminding me of the endless capacity for human expression. I'm grateful for the ability to give and receive love, the greatest gift of all, which nourishes and sustains me. I'm grateful for the chance to connect deeply with nature, feeling the earth under my feet and the breeze against my skin, linking me to the world's natural rhythm and energy.

I'm grateful for my sense of adventure, the inner call to explore, discover, and experience the vastness of life. I'm grateful for this very moment, a unique point in time to be alive, to witness, and to contribute my verse to the story of the universe.

So, Universe, unleash your magic! I’m wide open to the incredible experiences that await today. Bring on the unexpected connections, the moments of laughter that erupt from nowhere, and the challenges that push me to new heights. This day is a blank canvas, ready to be splashed with vibrant hues of learning, growth, and joy. My curiosity is ignited, eager to unravel the mysteries that unfold throughout the next few hours.

Let’s dance, Universe! I’m ready to move with the rhythm of life, embrace the surprises, and create a masterpiece of a day.

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Nebula Night Prayer

Dear Infinite Cosmos,

In your expanse we humbly reside, Breathing life into our souls, in awe we confide. With gratitude deep as the ocean and wide as the sky, We weave our thanks into the fabric of the night. For the miracle of existence, we offer our deepest gratitude, An intricate dance of matter, a life interlude. For every beat of our hearts, every breath drawn, We thank you for the dawn and the yawn.

Thankful are we for the Earth, our nurturing home, With its diverse splendor and places to roam. For the water that quenches and the soil that feeds, For the forests’ whispers and the oceans' deeds. Grateful we stand for the fire of the Sun, our radiant star, Fueling dreams and seasons from afar. For the moon's gentle pull, a beacon through the night, Guiding our steps with her soft, reflected light.

Our hearts swell with appreciation for love's boundless grace, The invisible threads connecting the human race. For the moments of kindness, the bonds that we forge, In gratitude, our spirits surge. We honor our journey, the growth born of strife, The sculptor of souls, the essence of life. For the wisdom harvested from each trial and test, We give thanks, for even in challenges, we are blessed.

Gratitude flows for the beauty that adorns our days, From the simplest pleasures to nature’s awe-inspiring displays. For art, music, and stories that stir the soul, In their resonance, we find ourselves whole. For the stars and galaxies, a universe untold, A reminder of mysteries our minds behold. For the endless quest for knowledge, the curiosity we feed, In gratitude, we acknowledge our universal creed.

We are thankful for the unseen forces, the spirit of the wild, For the inner voice that whispers, to the heart of every child. For the tapestry of existence, so wonderfully complex, In grateful reflection, our place we context. Thus, with humble hearts, we send our gratitude afar, A collective hymn, from the deepest reservoir. May we tread lightly on this Earth, with respect and care, Casting forth our thanks into the cosmic air.

In the vast, unknowable embrace of your fold, We find our stories, both new and old. For all that has been and all that’s to come, We thank you, Cosmos, the Infinite Sum.

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You are never alone or helpless.
The force that guides the stars, guides you too."

How To Pray?

Dim the lights in your room. Light up lot of candles. Play the Nebula ritual music and chants. Place your hands together and connect with the eternal universe, the energy 'Zella'. You can play drums and tambourine while your pray. Just let yourself go with the spirit.