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Nebula Music

Church of Nebula is a unique spiritual organization that seeks to bring together individuals from all walks of life for a shared experience of music and spiritual exploration. Founded in Los Angeles, California in 2022 by Haja Mo, Church of Nebula has been providing a place for people to engage in self-expression, transcendence, and connection with the divine.

At Church of Nebula, music is an integral part of the experience. As part of their mission to provide a place for spiritual exploration, Church of Nebula has created a musical experience that is based on the vibrations of the Universe. This musical experience combines the power of sound, energy, and vibration to create an atmosphere of healing and transformation.

It is based on the belief that music is a powerful tool for spiritual exploration. Music is used to create a space of peace and connection, providing the perfect setting for individuals to explore their spiritual side. In an effort to promote healing and transformation, Church of Nebula also offers workshops and classes on spiritual topics, such as meditation, yoga, and mindfulness.
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Om Nama Shivaya Mantra

This mantra has been an essential chant in Sanatana dharma for over three thousand years.

The chant begins with the most sacred syllable symbol Om—the initial sound from which the vibration that generates the perceived universe has started. Following the Om, the five-syllable mantra Panchakshara is chanted to praise the universal oneness of Shiva and the five elements Na Ma Śi Vā Ya, representing earth, water, fire, Pranic air, and sky respectively.

The overall meaning is that 'universal consciousness is one'.
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Nebula Ritual Music

Planet Drum

Planet Drum is a world music album by Mickey Hart, a musician and musicologist, who was a member of the rock band the Grateful Dead. Hart's concept for Planet Drum was to play drum music with percussionists from around the world, and incorporate their different musical styles and traditions into a new global sound.

Hart has collaborated with astrophysicists to create music reflecting the origins of the universe.

Sadeness Part 1

MCMXC a.D. is the debut studio album by the German musical project Enigma. The album centers around the personal conflict of sexuality vs. religion, and heightens to an even greater, more extensive theme of personal beliefs.

The Sadeness (Part I) music itself is filled with Gregorian chants that symbolize the religious aspects and Sandra Cretu’s breathy French vocals hint at the erotic overtones of the theme.
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Nebula Chants

Divine music and mantra chants created in our church.

Nebula Motivation CDs

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  1. Amethyst Dreams
  2. Amethyst Serenity
  3. Aum for Awakening
  4. Balance Within
  5. Bindu's Bliss
  6. Breath of Balance
  7. Breath of Eternity
  8. Breath of the Divine
  9. Cascading Waterfall Sounds
  10. Celestial Chimes at Midnight
  11. Celestial Chimes
  12. Celestial Lullaby
  13. Chakra Harmony
  14. Cosmic Calm
  15. Cosmic Calmness
  16. Crystal Cascade
  17. Crystal Clarity Meditation
  18. Crystal Clear Clarity
  19. Ethereal Embrace
  20. Floating on Lunar Light
  21. Floating on Starlight
  22. Gentle Galaxy
  23. Gentle Sunrise Meditation
  24. Gratitude Garden
  25. Gratitude Glow
  26. Gratitude Grove at Dusk
  27. Gratitude Grove
  28. Indigo Dreams
  29. Indigo Oasis
  30. Inner Compass Calibration
  31. Inner Compass of Light
  32. Inner Compass
  33. Inner Light Awakening
  34. Inner Light Meditation
  35. Inner Peace Sanctuary
  36. Inner Sanctuary of Peace
  37. Inner Sanctuary
  38. Journey to Inner Peace
  39. Journey to Stillness
  40. Manifestation Melody
  41. Mantra for Abundance
  42. Mantra for Letting Go
  43. Mantra for Manifestation
  44. Mantra for Mindfulness
  45. Mantra for Presence
  46. Mindful Mantra
  47. Mists of Serenity
  48. Moonlit Meditation
  49. Ocean of Acceptance
  50. Ocean of Awareness
  51. Peaceful Meadow Meditation
  52. River of Relaxation
  53. Sacred Space Symphony
  54. Sacred Space for Healing
  55. Sacred Space for Self
  56. Sacred Space
  57. Serene Sunset
  58. Serenity Symphony
  59. Solar Symphony
  60. Starlight Serenade
  61. Starry Night Dreamscape
  62. Starry Night Lullaby
  63. Temple Bells at Dawn
  64. Temple of Tranquility
  65. Third Eye Activation
  66. Third Eye Awakening
  67. Tranquil River at Night
  68. Tranquil Tapestry of Sound
  69. Tranquil Tapestry
  70. Tranquil Temple Bells
  71. Tranquil Tides at Dawn
  72. Tranquil Tides
  73. Tranquility on the Mountaintop
  74. Unfolding Lotus Bloom
  75. Unfolding Lotus
  76. Unwinding Galaxies
  77. Unwinding Universe
  78. Whispering Waterfall
  79. Whispering Willows at Dusk
  80. Whispering Willows
  81. Whispers from the Stars
  82. Whispers of Inspiration
  83. Whispers of Wisdom
  84. Whispers of the Cosmos
  85. Whispers of the Wind
  86. Zen Garden Gong

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Vinyl Records

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Express Yourself Through Music

At the Church of Nebula we encourage you to regale and wallow in the musical strings that appeal to you the most and rediscover the God, or awaken the highest form of beauty and creativity that could be lying dormant within you.
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