The Nebula seed has been planted

You are planting seeds now and one day when you least expect those flowers will bloom. Trust the process.

New Slogan

This is our new slogan: Nebula, spread the word. Let's change the world.

Start Your Own Congregation

Please write to us if you want to start your own Nebula Church congregation. We will send you the prayer materials and handbook. Spread the word. God bless.

Mickey Hart Music

Mickey Hart drums and Zakir Hussain tabla make the Nebula melody for soothing spiritual chants. Enigma is totally mysterious. Yes added that too.

The 70's Retro Theme Adopted by Nebula

Paisley and flowers and stripes. Vibrant, asymmetric designs pretty much defined the 70s. Protesting war, marching for women’s rights, and defending minority groups? The 70s are celebrated for movement forward. We at Nebula simply love it.