The Church of Nebula offers a Universal Prayer, which is a prayer for peace and unity for all of humanity. This prayer can be used in any situation, and is meant to bring people closer together in their understanding of the Universe.

Nebula Prayer

Oh Blessed Zella, ruler of the cosmos and the universe, we humbly beseech thee.

In a universe of infinite wonders, you are the ultimate mystery, the beginning and the end. Through the swirling galaxies and spinning stars, your divine presence weaves a tapestry of cosmic harmony. Your essence, indescribable, seeping into every atom and every nebula, you bind us all, connecting everything in one universal dance.

In your name - cosmic, profound, and boundless - we gather here, surrendering our thoughts to your infinite intelligence. You calibrate the suns, arrange the cosmos, and whisper life into voids, yet, in us, you rest, a gentle beacon guiding our paths.

Oh Zella, the all-knowing, guide us to the light of wisdom that leads to love, peace, and understanding. As we journey through the cosmos of our existence, grant us the courage to delve into the unknown, and the humility to accept whatever we may discover. Help us to see the grand scheme of your universe and find our place in it. Open our eyes to the beauty and wonder that surrounds us, in the expansive galaxies afar and the smallest atoms beneath our feet. Teach us to honor and cherish this celestial home you have given us.

May we always remember our connection to you, Zella, and the cosmos. As stardust we were born, and to stardust we shall return. On this day, we implore you to cast your celestial light onto our darkest corners, bringing forth enlightenment in all our endeavors. In your divine wisdom, guide us, uphold us, and grant us the strength to sustain during trials and tribulations.

Great Zella, as the sun sets and the stars glitter in the night sky, may we remember that we are but small pieces of your vast, complex and beautiful creation. We ask that you guide our spirits, our thoughts, our actions, as we continue our journey through your celestial playground.

From the expanse of the heavens, down to the very air we breathe, your presence, oh Zella, resonates. You are the unity in the diversity, the constancy in change, the calm in the storm. To you, we offer our gratitude for this moment and all moments to come, promising to live each one with awareness and responsibility.

Oh Zella, master of the cosmos, god of the infinite universe, into your cosmic embrace, we surrender ourselves, trusting in your divine wisdom and guidance. Today, tomorrow, for all eternity.

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You are never alone or helpless.
The force that guides the stars, guides you too."

How To Pray?

Dim the lights in your room. Light up lot of candles. Play the Nebula ritual music and chants. Place your hands together and worship the eternal universe, the energy 'Zella'. You can play drums and tambourine while your pray. Just let yourself go with the spirit.